Faculty Of Law


Currently, there are 6 constituent and 2 affiliated Campuses under the Faculty of Law. A brief description of these campuses is as follows:

Affiliated Campuses

Hari Khetan Campus:This is a private college located at Birgunj, Parsa. The Campus is established in March 1982 and the legal education was introduced on 21 September 1989 AD. This Campus offers of humanities, social sciences, education, management, andscienceprogrammes. This College offers LL.B programme only. National Law School:This School was established in 2012 AD at Pulchwok, Lalitpur and offers… ...

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Constituent Campuses

Mahendra Multiple Campus: This Campus is located at Dharan town of Morang district and was established in 2012 AD. Dharan falls under the Eastern Development Region. There are four faculties including law. The other faculties are humanities and social sciences, science, and education. The Law Faculty was introduced in 2042 (1985 AD) and offers LL.B programme only.  … ...

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