LL.M(Master of Laws)– 2 Years Programme / 4 Semesters Programme

The person who has Bachelor’s Degree in law is qualified to get admission in this programme through passing entrance exam. The Total number of seats for Nepal Law Campus is fifty and National Law College is fifty. Among these seats, 11/11 seats are reserved for each campus i.e. Women-2, Indigenous nationalities-2, Madhesi-1, Dalit-1, People with disabilities-1, People from backward areas-1, Muslim – 1, Tharu-1 and Others- 1.


The Full Marks for Entrance exam is 100. Out of 100, the pass marks is 40. A candidate passing the entrance exam shall be eligible for admission on the basis of marks obtained (Merit basis) in entrance exam.



Nature of Questions

No. of question and Marks allocated


Objective Questions - MCQs

1 x 50= 50


Subjective Long Answer Questions

1 x 20 = 20



Objective Long Answer Questions

2 x 5 = 10


Creative Writing


Total Marks



Contents for entrance test

The Contents for entrance exam is only from Jurisprudence subject. So, the candidates appearing LL.M. entrance exam shall prepare on Jurisprudence from Bachelor of laws course.

Evaluation and Examination:

  • Each theoretical subject would have 100% weightage divided into 60% for external exam to be conducted by the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Law, and,
  • 40% weightage for internal evaluation.
  • Internal evaluation is done on the basis of following criteria:


Internal Exam

20 Marks


10 Marks

Subject teachers’ evaluation

10 Marks                                                               


For Internal Exam:

  • It should be noted that internal exam (sit in exam) shall be conducted at the end of each semester, particularly, for theoretical subjects.
  • The Full marks of Internal exam shall be 60. The obtained marks out of 60 shall be converted into 20 marks accordingly for internal exam marks.

For Attendance:

  • Students MUST have to maintain 80 percent attendance.
  • Failing to maintain 80 percent presence are not allowed to appear in the semester-end examinations and regarded as ‘not qualified’ (NQ) to sit in the final exam.
  • However, in case of serious illness the students with 70% attendance will be given chance to appear in the semester exam. In this case students have to submit an authorized medical certificate.

Marks shall be allocated in attendance as given below:

80% TO 85%

4 Marks

85% TO 90%

6 Marks

90% TO 95%

8 Marks

95% and above

10 Marks